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transform your experiences  and results  this  at your fingertips

online coaching

with Ana Calvo

meet anna 

Certified Life Coach

In some moments of our lives  we go through situations that are not to our liking or  we are at a point where we are blocked,  we can not advance, nor respond  in the face of new opportunities that drive us, both in the personal and professional fields.

If you've ever felt this way,  ontological coaching  it's the solution.

the key before  the apparent problems we have is in transforming our being from within  To observe changes in all  areas of our lives

Life Coach

Me  intention  is to facilitate  transformation  from  your inside  creating  a design of life from your power, visualizing  desired changes sustained over time.

What  you can achieve with the sessions of  Coaching?

Questions the ways of perceiving and interpreting reality to generate new ideas 

I know  create  new possibilities  for  discover  new interpretations  Y  meet  new connections

supports  in  the  creation  from  new  possibilities ,  transforming  

any  area of  your life  already  be it personal or  labor

Change patterns of conduct and behavior by undoing limiting thoughts and beliefs

You design a plan  action to get  transformation  and achieve sustained results over time

The path to self-knowledge

Start transforming your interior, like this  you will get the desired results.

Start your way today  

“I have been on the "inner journey" as I call it and the guidance I received empowered me to continue my journey with more determination, courage and confidence. Knowing that my prejudiced thoughts not only defined my relationship with others but also the one I have with myself, has motivated me to a deeper search, beyond inherited and modeled beliefs, and the certainty that I can achieve it is one of the gifts of this process of transformation”

- Annette M.

"The  sessions  from  coaching  I  allowed  uninstall beliefs that tied my progress.

I healed  emotions and forgive.

I achieved  align objectives with goals

-Claudia G

First of all, I began to regain confidence in myself, I let go of my fears and fears, I learned to see things from another point of view where I no longer felt attacked and minimized. It was a great help, I thank Ana Calvo very much, since I felt lost and full of fears and insecurities. Now I feel safe and can act with confidence

- Ma. pains

Achieve results and transformation in all areas of your life

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