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About Ontological Coaching

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Ontological coaching is a discipline that is based on the change of observer, that is, it transforms us into a being that begins to observe the world in a different way.

For this reason, when  ontological coaching is also known as transformational coaching. And since it modifies being, and not doing, it is called ontological, because onto means entity, equal to being.

By changing the way of seeing the world, ontological coaching becomes a powerful tool  to observe our own world from a new perspective, and thus discover how we usually relate to others and ourselves and act accordingly.

Ontology  means "the  study of being«. This word is formed through the Greek terms  οντος,  ontos, what does it mean  being, being, and  λóγος,  logos, what does it mean  study, discourse, science, theory. Ontology is a part or branch of philosophy that studies the nature of being, existence and reality, trying to determine the categories  and the relations of "being as being".  

The pillars of ontological coaching are:  Programming  Neurolinguistics ,  Physical  Quantum,  biology  cognitive and the  Philosophy  

Coaching Ontologico
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