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meet anna 

Certified Life Coach

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I  I would love for you to know a little about  my!


I am Ana Calvo,  Coach  ontological  certified  by the MMK Institute,  endorsed  by the International  Coach Federation, Master in  education of  Framingham State University and Master of  Institute Business Administration  Technological of Costa Rica.

For more than 18 years I have worked in the area of Human Resources and Education, in multicultural environments where I have met many people from different  countries  with situations or experiences that  they were generating  desired results.  

Given the nature of my work and my interest in  multiculturalism,  pass many  years observing different people and my own experiences.

This is how I started the journey towards self-knowledge by studying coaching.

when looking at me  my  and to others   saw a common denominator regardless of the person's nationality, which can be summed up as  change the experiences that we do not  they are pleasing  


Through coaching I discovered  what  it is possible to change our exterior through a change in our interior, cleaning those thoughts and beliefs that make our experiences in a certain way  repeating  and again.  


The  Ontological Coaching  It is a field of knowledge  search  accompany  processes  transformations  in others from its fundamental pillars:  body, emotion and language.  


you want to transform your  ambit  personal  and labor with sustained changes over time?  

This is your moment I invite you  to one  session!

Life Coach
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